Client KRO-NCRV & Reporter 2021
Production year 2016

Justus Cooiman (writer)


Reporter 2021 is a fairly young platform. Centered around the 2017 Dutch elections, its focus is centered around everything going on in the country up until the next election. In this short animation we explored a new political party named "DENK".

DENK (Dutch for "think") was formed by members of parliament who had severed ties with their party, but who held onto their position within the parliament. Their party addresses social inequalities, which ties into a broader Western narrative that has found its biggest support with (ethnic) minorities within the Netherlands.


Closing in on the election we wanted to make sure our portrayal of this new political party came out fair. Which also included getting the portraits of the party members right. Working alongside reporter Justus Cooiman we made sure the video was objective and on point.

Despite possibly insulting the Dutch golden lion along the way, I think the video turned out well.

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