Client KRO-NCRV & Reporter 2021
Production year 2016

Laura Klompenhouwer (writer & director)


We are limited in our perception of the world around us. And we don't have to know everything, sometimes just keeping up with your daily routine is difficult enough. Still, we are part of a neighbourhood, a city, a country. And in the case of international organizations such as the EU, we are part of the world. But how significant is that part exactly?


Through the daily interactions of Laura we discover how the world around us is interwoven with diplomacy manufactured at the very top. Why sometimes our options are abundant while at other times they are limited, why we get daily fresh groceries for cheap but energy still comes at a price.


The ultimate goal of this short animation is not to inform or dig deep in EU policies. It's to make the viewer aware of the invisible hands that regulates society around them, and freshen up their perspective. With highligthing these small facts throughout an otherwise ordinary day, we did just that.

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