This production was made during my work relationship at in60seconds.


CloudTeams is a platform that offers a dialogue between digital developers and their userbase before the product hits the market. While the user gets a unique look "behind the screen" and a chance to try out new apps, the developer gets useful feedback that helps them finetune their product.


Developers are a special bunch. They scurry behind their desks and three months later you have something amazing. Users, they are different. They like new stuff, they don't want to wait three months. Both need each other. So we started thinking: what brings them together? The answer came fairly quick: rocketships!


We had a great experience working alongside Booreiland. When we first met they had already layed out a bunch of artwork which got us right in the thick of it. They had most elements ready: the developer, a dazzling color palette and even a spaceshuttle. It was up to us to knit them al together in one fine, woolly animation.

It was decided that both the developer and the user should be the centerpiece of the animation. So we put them front and center with their heads sticking out. Designing the developer was easy: a balding guy with glasses and a big beard; the loveable type of nerd. The user took some effort. A pinch of hipness, a touch of mentality and a whole lot of fun.


First and foremost we wanted our main actors to feel alive. Turns out, that's easier said than done. They had to react to everything that happened on screen, otherwise it would feel as if they weren't part of the scene. That's why we gave them a couple things to look at. The blue dot is for the head, the yellow one is for the eyes. Look at 'em move!


One of the original requests of Booreiland was not to include a ukulele in the soundtrack. Since it is the go-to instrument of most every startup video these days, making use of it has become somewhat of an industry taboo.

When we finally send them the final version of the animation, however, there it was, unabashedly: the ukulele. It was an oversight, totally on us. But maybe even worse than that... We all had to agree that despite our reservations, it felt right. So we decided to keep it.


In the end both Booreiland and us were really happy with the result. Not only did we bring the developer and the user a bit closer together, working on this project had also formed a bond between the lot of us <3

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