Recent work

Here's what I do.

Telling stories. I've worked with individuals, big corporations and private initiatives to help put their ideas into words. And those words into visuals, animations, comics and graphic design. Working for different companies and on my own has given me the knowledge to provide every story with a fitting image.


It's important to start with you. There's a story you've been telling your friends, your family and your customers for some time now. Is that still the story you want to tell? And does it deliver the message that you want others to hear? Let's delve into you and your product and look at it from a different angle.


It's the first thing others will notice, and it's the first thing you are noticing right now. What about a pirate? Maybe you feel more like a superhero. Let's strip you down to the basics. Whether that's the company color, a green lifestyle or "that feeling of luxury and success" that you want your audience to experience.


When all is said and done you want your story to hit. It has to feel right, like a skateboards grinding on the sidewalk. And maybe you're not feeling this skateboard, that's alright. There's a lot of different feels we can work with.

If you haven't yet, take a look at my showreel and pick out what feels good to you.


From conception to concept, to design and production, I've been known to know my craft. While I don't want to either brag or bore you, here are some of the tools that have helped me finish the projects I am most proud of:

After Effects Audition Final Cut Illustrator Javascript Notepad Photoshop Sketch TVPaint


It's not just good to know people, it's even better to understand them. When we are talking about what inspires you this becomes invaluable. I have worked alongside many talented individuals, took charge of teams and lead internships. During production I always make sure that everyone gets as involved as I do.

Get in contact.

Thank you for spending some of your time here. You must have visited for a reason, would you like to tell me about it? Whether you're burning to tell a story, are just humbly interested or have an urgent question - hit me up and send an e-mail. Or give me a call, if you feel like it.

I usually respond within 24 hours. Talk to you soon!